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Saturday, May 25, 2013


I recently received my Beautyblender in the mail and have been using it for the past couple of weeks.  I decided to try the Beautyblender out because of all the great online reviews.  I was also talking to a friend about it and we both decided to order it and give it a try together.

The Beautyblender is a latex free, non-allergenic and odor free makeup sponge applicator.  Its shape is created without edges to eliminate any visible makeup/foundation lines and streaks. It also makes applying foundation easier for hard-to-reach areas like around the nose and under the eyes with its narrow pointed end, providing you with a smooth, airbrush finish.
The Beautyblender is to be used damp and can be used to apply wet or dry make up.  I've been using the Beautyblender with my current Laniege water-base foundation, it does blend very well, with no streaky residue or cakey finish and provides you with a light feeling on your skin. 

I must say that I feel I am using more foundation than I usually do for a full coverage.  But again, the foundation I'm using is very light and watery.  My friend on the other hand says that she is using less foundation, so I do think results will vary depending on the type of foundation used.  I will try it with a thicker foundation next time and see how much foundation I am using.

The Beautyblender is not cheap and due to its popularity, there are generic brands out there that say they are the same thing so becareful of imitators.  The generic brands do sell for a lower price but from reviews online they do not work the same.  So instead of trying to save a few dollars and getting the generic brand, go for the real thing because in the end you might end up wasting your money and being disappointed with the fake one.
The Beautyblender can be purchased online or at Sephora. It will cost you $26CDN for a single and $33 CDN for a duo set at Sephora.  Amazon and MakeupGeek sells it at a lower price online and a few other online sites , just make sure it is the real thing.

A tip when using this; if you usually apply concealer before your foundation you will need to now have to apply your concealer AFTER your foundation because the Beautyblender will blend away your concealer

Happy Beautifying!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eyelash Conditioning Gel

It has been awhile since I've blogged and I thought I would start again with something that I am quite excited to write about. 

In the past I have pondered the idea of using eyelash enhancers to strengthen and lengthen my lashes without the need to wear falsies (I've never worn falsies before).  I find falsies a hassel and a mess and I am afraid they will fall out at unexpected moments.  I've seen this happen to many people but don't have the heart to tell them.  I am also a bit paranoid about using products that might irritate the eyes or have side-effects. I've read about Latisse and its side-effects and it got me a bit worried, but after some research and reading a lot of reviews I found this Eyelash Conditioning Gel called - Talika Lipocils Eyelash Conditioning Gel.

It is made in France and uses plant extracts like soy lechithin liposomes which stimulates lash growth.  It is drug free and has no side-effects.  It comes in a tube similar to mascara and is a clear gel consistancy.  The formula/ingredients used help stimulate the follicles to promote hair growth and help to strengthen and lengthen the overall appearance of the lashes. 

I usually don't promote anything unless I have tried it and really like the product and I must tell you that I AM AMAZED!  I am on day 4 now of using this product and have already seen results.  My lashes are slightly fuller and longer.  I have felt no side-effects, no allergic reaction, discomfort or irritation.  My eyes have become quite sentive in the last year, so if there was something in the product that won't sit well with me I will know right away.

Direction of use for this product is to apply it twice a day on clean lashes (morning and night) for 28 days, then you only need to apply once a day continously for maintanence.  I don't think I will be doing the 2x application for the full 28 days since I am already seeing results and i am afraid my lashes might become too full...is there such a thing as "bushy" lashes? haha

If you want to try this conditioning gel, I suggest you do some research as well and decide if this is something that is right for you.  The gel does come in two different tube sizes (4.2ml or 10m.), so I suggest getting the smaller tube to try out first since I do think results vary on different people.  Start off with the small tube and if it you don't see results in 2 weeks it is not going to work so don't waste your money. Talika can be ordered online at certain eBeauty stores and also on Amazon, google it.

Happy Beautifying!

Up Next: Some YSL products that I absolutly LOVE

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Kitty Exclusively @ Sephora

Sephora has officially launched their Hello Kitty Beauty line. Since I have to get my hands on everything cute, I have already purchased a few items. I was so excited when I learned about this and actually going to see the store to see it, I felt like a kid at the candy store. The line is quite expensive but if you happen to be in the US then it isn't as bad as Canadian prices. The packaging is quite nice like the perfume, roller-ball perfume, nail polish and brush set holder, but quality-wise is just okay. I was quite disappointed with the "Bling Mirror", after seeing it online it was one of my "must-haves" but when I saw it at the store, it was not what it looked like at all online. The crystals was not sparkly, actually very dull and they were large crystals, not small tiny ones. So I had to pass on it. I would say that the collection acts more as collectibles , rather than everyday make-up use. Of all the items that I purchased I really like the perfume. The scent is light and slightly sweet, not too overwhelming. If you get a chance, have a look at the Hello Kitty line. From what I have heard, some of the items may have already sold out, but not to worry they will restock.

Happy Shopping!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Shopping Sales & Deals

The Christmas shopping season has officially began and almost everywhere is having sales. See below for a list of sales & deals currently happening. Come back regulary for updates.
  1. BCBG Max Azria - 30% off dresses (now through Dec 6th online & at boutiques)

  2. Holt Renfrew - Designer Sale, up to 60% off (now until Dec 24th, some exclusion apply)

  3. Coach - 25% off (Dec 3 - 12 online & at stores excluding outlets), this offer is exclusively to select customers (me!). If you want the 25% off, contact me

  4. The Bay - $20 off of $100 cosmetics or fragrance purchase. This offer is exclusive to select customers as well...that's me again. Contact me if you want to take advantage of the deal.

  5. Origin - Free gift with purchase over $35 (Dec 1-4)

  6. The Bay - Friends & Family (Dec 3-5)
    - 20% off if you use their HBC MasterCard or HBC Credit Card
    - 15% off if you don't use HBC MasterCard or HBC Credit Card
    - 10% off furniture, mattresses, electronics and appliances

  7. Calvin Klein - 25% off all merchandise (limited time, didn't provide me with an end date)

  8. Aldo - up to 50% off on selected styles (in-store and online); additional 30% off all sale handbags

Happy Shopping!

NARS Holiday Collection

The NARS Bento Box Holiday Collection is now available exclusively at Holt's. Inspired by the Japanese Kabuki Theater, its lovely! I really like that it comes in the Kabuki cups...too bad I don't wear lipstick.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lanvin ♥ H&M

Lanvin for H&M is launching this Saturday...I still haven't decided if I will be going since that means waking up way too early to line-up. There are some really really nice pieces that I would like to get my hands on though. Price range isn't too bad, but it will add up if I decided to go.

Here's a peak at some of the pieces I'm interested in...(click here for the full collection)

Please share your experience if you decide to go.

Happy Shopping!

Santa Clause Parade

Well well well, Santa is coming to town again for the annual Santa Clause Parade. It's this Sunday Nov 21st, and I plan on bringing Bear Bear so he can experience his first Christmas. Here are the details and parade route.

If you're not in the city or do not want to come into the city due to crowds and traffic, Main Street Annual Festival of Lights and Santa Clause Parade is next Saturday Nov. 27th, there will be fireworks and Christmas Tree lighting.

Enjoy and get the Christmas spirit going!